Rye Compactline – Safe production of single- or multi-stage rye sourdoughs

Flexible. Mobile. Variable.

Your main benefits
  • Mobile and ready to plug in
  • With cooling and optionally with temperature control unit and/or frequency converter
  • Control with process-optimised programme including freely programmable process parameters
  • Hygiene- and cleaning-friendly design of the unit
  • Easy to operate
  • Reproducible processes through the use of DIOStart

This compact unit with cooling or temperature control for all rye sourdoughs ≥ TA 220 with a net capacity of 650 l produces approximately 500 kg of sourdough.

Plant variants of the rye plant with temperature control unit and frequency converter enable completely flexible production of rye sourdoughs with variable temperature control, individual stirring speeds or rest periods. The anchor agitator offers fast mixing and optimal temperature control through wall scrapers.

The RW 650 Compactline can also be used to produce a wide variety of wheat pre-doughs and wheat sourdoughs

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The rye plants of the Compactline series come standardised as a three-walled stainless steel fermenter including a refrigeration unit.

System variants with an additional temperature control unit and frequency converter ensure completely flexible production of your rye sourdoughs. The temperature control is variable, the stirring speeds individually adjustable and the resting times adaptable to your operation.

The anchor agitator with wall and floor scrapers is optimally adapted to your processes. The system has a PLC control with touch panel and the pump unit is a dry-running gear pump BT3. The dosing hose is provided with a 180° return bend.

To support you in your pre-dough production, we offer you technological coaching. For ideal predough quality, we recommend our DIOStart products.


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