Wendel mixer - make
the most of your dough!

Only with the right kneading can your baked goods achieve the optimum product quality. DIOSNA's wendel mixers are high-performance systems suitable for all types of dough and bring a new level of efficiency to larger operations. Their significantly reduced kneading time compared to spiral mixers allows doughs to be produced in quick succession, while gentle preparation and kneading ensure excellent results. As dough experts from DIOSNA, we provide you with a whole range of other solutions in addition to our kneading systems, which include all processes of dough production. Our company can look back on more than 130 years of company history, in which the production and constant further development of high-quality machines and systems has been at the forefront. As an expert in plants for the food and pharmaceutical industries, DIOSNA is internationally successful and works passionately on the development of new and innovative technologies.


Wendel mixer

W 160-400 A

Wendel mixer

Wendel mixer Premium

WV 160-400 A


Wendel mixer Hygienic Design

WH 240-600 A/E movable bowl/ under bowl discharge

Für alle Teige und Betriebsgrößen - unsere flexiblen Wendelkneter

For all doughs and operating sizes
- our flexible wendel mixers

From the classic wendel mixer to the industrialised solution in the smallest space: the systems from DIOSNA adapt optimally to the requirements of your business or operation. Despite different sizes, the systems feature many options. From easy handling, intuitive operation and numerous options, the versatile wendel mixers take the strain off your operation and leave you more time for other work steps. The kneading machines do all the work in the background. The dough is worked vigorously, yet gently and has a uniform, excellent quality structure after kneading. With DIOSNA spiral kneaders you increase the production of your company. Read on now and find out more details about our systems.

Erstklassige Knetung

First class kneading
from 160 to 400 kg dough

The wendel mixers of the W 160 A to W 401 A series have a comprehensive range of features and achieve brilliant efficiency thanks to the DIOSNA spiral tools. Their special feature: The counter-rotating wendel tools accelerate the kneading process and, unlike the use of spiral mixers, produce a larger quantity of dough in the same time. The stationary anchored system has a standard tong lock, while the given ground clearance ensures easy cleaning and impeccable hygiene. At the same time, the vat trolley is characterised by its simple handling. There is a choice of three sizes, whereby even the smallest system has an impressive capacity of 160 kg of dough. The W 240 A with 240 kg and the W 401 A with an impressive 400 kg of dough are the next step up. All versions are available in stainless steel on request and can be equipped with a number of useful options. These include, for example, networking of the machine with other equipment, spouts for targeted dosing and a vat wall scraper with the PT100 temperature sensor.

Premium Wendelkneter

Premium wendel mixer with
intelligent features

Our premium systems WV 160 A to WV 400 A do not have a colour coating, which is why the smooth surfaces are particularly easy to clean. The high-quality stainless steel versions include all the advantages you know from DIOSNA. A powerful drive, the versatile usability and a fast dough sequence create a convincing system. Optional functional extensions are, for example, the intuitive touch panel control with frequency converter for tool and vat motor, a running programme memory for up to 40 recipes with 40 phases each as well as CO² cooling. The designations of the four variants WV 160 A, WV 240 A and WV 400 A each indicate the output in kg per dough. In all models, it is not only the extraordinary efficiency that is remarkable, but also the relatively small space requirement. In order to be able to produce the high dough quantities, the tub diameter and the drive strength can be adapted to the output of the systems.

Wendelkneter mit Mittenentleerung

Industrial solutions - Wendel mixers with centre discharge

Are your kneading machines no longer sufficient for the required capacities? Then our wendel mixers with centre discharge come into play. Despite their maximum capacity, they require very little space and are therefore absolutely space-saving. Their mode of operation is as practical as it is efficient, as the kneaders included as standard have one or more centre discharge devices. Once the kneading process is complete, the dough is discharged through this mechanical opening and can be transferred to the line portioner with the help of a transport system. The raw material is also fed into the kneading vat automatically, which virtually eliminates the need for manual labour. Optionally, one to four kneaders can be installed per system, whereby both wendel and spiral mixers are possible.


Spiral mixer and other kneading systems

DIOSNA not only produces wendel mixers, but also a whole range of other solutions for your operation. Our spiral mixers are particularly flexible, with a range from table-top systems with 12 kg capacity to premium systems with 240 kg. Smaller to medium-sized businesses thus get the perfect machines for their needs. The automated kneading systems of dough experts enable continuous dough production on a large scale in large industrial operations. Composed of several components, the fully automated plants and systems do the work largely independently and require hardly any manual intervention or control.

Drei Phasen der komplexen Knetung: vom Teig zum fertigen Produkt

Three phases of complex kneading:
from dough to finished product

With DIOSNA's professional plants and systems for kneading different types of dough, the manufacturing or kneading process is crucial in production and manufacturing. The three phases of kneading include the mixing stage, dough formation and dough development. The mixing stage is already an indispensable component. When the ingredients are evenly mixed, the water-soluble protein, salt and sugar dissolve, while pentosans (mucilage in plant parts) and gluten swell. The starch present also binds the water. The dough formation is characterised by the formation of gluten-forming proteins, whereby the dough forms a kind of net structure, the so-called gluten skeleton. Essentially, the processes of the mixing stage are intensified, the dough heats up and the swelling processes are driven. In the last stage, the dough development, the further development of the gluten protein takes place until the so-called stand prevails. The gases of the yeast are now evenly distributed and the dough has a plastic effect; the kneading process is thus finished.

Lernen Sie das DIOSNA Technikum in Osnabrück kennen!

Get to know the DIOSNA technical centre in Osnabrück kennen!

If you would like to get to know our plants and in particular the DIOSNA kneading systems better, you are welcome to visit our technical centre in Osnabrück. The DIOSNA test bakery includes an introduction and presentation of the wendel and spiral mixer systems as well as fully automated kneaders. Test our product portfolio and get an insight into the function and application possibilities of individual machines by our competent dough experts. We will help you choose the right solution for your operation and will be happy to answer your questions. Contact us today and we will arrange a visit together.