DIOStart® wheat fruit

For the aromatic-fruity note, gas-active

Your main benefits
  • Pure cultures in premium quality
  • Aromatic-fruity aroma of your wheat pastries
  • Loosened doughs and pastries
  • Improving the shelf life
  • Delivery directly - without intermediate storage

The DIOStart® - wheat fruit ensures a uniform and tasty quality of your sourdough.

Sourdoughs from the DIOStart® - wheat fruit are particularly interesting if you want to improve the relaxation and extend the shelf life of your pastries. The peculiarity of the DIOStart® - wheat fruit is that the sourdough is still very relaxed and gas-active even with a bit more powerful guidance.

The aromatic-fruity note provides the special bread taste, DIOStart® - wheat fruit is therefore ecspecially suitable for salt-reduced breads.

Last but not least, DIOStart® - wheat fruit supports a controlled scrap dough processing.

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Conduct Types:

  • One-stage fermentation
  • Two-stage fermentation
  • With the DIOStart - wheat fruit several types of fermentation are possible:
    • mild-fruity loose
    • stronger and still gas-active

Packaging Unit:

  • 500g

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