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Producing large quantities of dough with tight schedules and high quality standards - these are the challenges facing modern bakeries and they require economical and flexible solutions. DIOSNA spiral mixers adapt to the needs of your operation and are characterised by resilience, ease of operation and the outstanding "Made in Germany" quality. The Osnabrück-based company has been manufacturing high-quality machines since 1885, with today's focus on the food industry on the one hand and the chemical or pharmaceutical industry on the other. In the following, we would like to introduce you to the variety of our premium kneading systems.


Spiral mixer

SP 12


Spiral mixer

SP 24-160


Spiral mixer

SPV 120-240 A


Spiral mixer

PSPV 160-240 A

Ausgezeichnete Spiralkneter in allen Größen

Excellent spiral mixers
in all sizes

As the size of a business increases, so do the demands on the equipment. As "DoughExperts", we have a broad product portfolio ranging from tabletop kneaders for smaller quantities to large-scale systems with a capacity for 300 kg of dough. Regardless of their dimensions, all systems convince with their application possibilities - easy cleaning was taken into account during development, as was the simple change of kneading tools. DIOSNA spiral mixers for your bakery are therefore just as large as you need them to be. A decisive advantage of all machines is their compact design. Even the largest machines with vat trolleys have a small footprint.

Eine Spiralknetmaschine - Alle Teigarten!

One spiral mixing machine - All types of dough!

However, our systems offer maximum flexibility not only in terms of size, but also during use. From wheat dough to wholemeal and mixed bread doughs, all masses can be prepared easily and reliably. Responsible for this is the powerful drive, which enables outstanding kneading properties in all versions and in addition to a high kneading intensity. In order to offer convincing solutions in the future, DIOSNA is pushing ahead with the continuous further development of its products. Perfection is the benchmark in the design and continuous improvement of our kneading and dough machines. In this way, we provide you with flexible and reliable solutions that contribute to the best possible operating process.

SP 12 - kompaktes Knetsystem mit großartigen Eigenschaften

SP 12 - compact kneading system with great features

Short kneading times, universal applicability and self-explanatory operation, the SP 12 is the smallest of our systems and combines all the advantages of the larger versions in a practical table-top system. The spectrum of suitable masses ranges from low quantities from 250 g up to doughs weighing 12 kg. This allows not only continuous use, but also the kneading of a small dough in between. The bowl with a diameter of 370 mm and a capacity of 22 l is just as easy to clean as the appliance itself. With a total weight of 125 kg, the smooth surfaces, a clear bowl cover, ideal for visual control of the dough at any time, and the high performance round off the overall package of the SP 12. Three options allow the functions to be expanded: while the running programme memory in membrane keypad design achieves easy recall of a preferred programme, a mobile table increases mobility. In addition, the unit can be equipped with a temperature sensor.

Vielseitiger Spiralkneter mit integriertem Bottich

Versatile spiral mixer
with integrated bowl

The SP 24 to SP 160 versions offer particularly high power reserves combined with enormous quality reliability. No matter whether you need a system for kneading 24, 40, 80, 120 or 160 kg - all variants are practically maintenance-free, easy to clean and do not cause any unnecessary inconvenience to your operation. In addition, the SP series is suitable for flexible batch changes, as the kneading takes place at a constant quality regardless of the filling quantity. As with all DIOSNA bakery machines, the processing of all conceivable doughs from wheat to wholemeal is possible. A characteristic feature of the SP machines is their permanently installed vat, although the entire system is mobile at the same time, thus ensuring easy change of position. The model is available in different versions. A running programme memory and a programmable time sequence contribute to the increased range of functions. Of course, in case of programming, manual intervention is possible at any time.

Knetwerkzeug in großen Dimensionen: die SP-Baureihe

Kneading tool in large dimensions:
the SP series

With the DIOSNA spiral shape, the systems of the SPV series ensure an even better quality of the dough, as a uniform collection of the contents in the entire vat is ensured. You can choose between a mobile and a permanently installed version; the latter has an extendable and thus easily fillable vat. To ensure that the spiral mixer is suitable for your bakery, a whole range of possible sizes is available. In addition to the 120, 160 and 200 kg versions, the largest version with 240 kg is also in the range. With all models, you benefit from maximum variability in terms of batches, as both small and large doughs are kneaded to optimum quality. Rounded off by a standard tong lock, the SPV spiral mixers score with a compact design and are suitable for businesses of all sizes.

„The Dough Experts“: Vielfältige Optionen für Ihren Bedarf

„The DoughExperts“: A wide range of options for your needs

The SPV kneading system is also available as a premium version. The PSPV 120A to PSPV 240 A systems offer the same advantages as the standard model, but are made of high-quality stainless steel. Furthermore, only the PSPV system is available in a version that can easily process even the largest dough quantities with 300 kg. Whether the systems of the SPV or PSPV series, DIOSNA offers you a variety of customised options for all spiral mixers. For example, with options such as temperature control, where you can choose between infrared temperature sensors or a vat wall scraper with integrated temperature sensor. You can achieve an increased level of resistance with the tongs and console in stainless steel design, while the vat with toothed drive m6 is available to choose from. Would you like to call up favourite programmes at any time? The programmable logic controller with touch panel control allows you to recall already stored programmes in a modern and intuitive way. With an optional energy and rotation control, you have full control over the technical and economic aspects of the spiral mixing machine.

Unsere Spiralkneter perfekt bedienen mit der professionellen Schulung

Operate our spiral mixers perfectly with professional training

DIOSNA bakery machines aim to optimise your operational processes. Therefore, not only the adaptation of the system to the respective operation, but also the ability of the employees to operate it professionally is of decisive importance. As "DoughExperts", we offer you advanced training courses that do more than just commission our machines. We teach you all the processes involved in operation, cleaning and maintenance and work with you to develop the best possible fine-tuning for your operation.

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Do you have any questions?
We will be happy to help you!

Our extensive portfolio of spiral mixers has convinced you? If you have any questions or requests, our competent team will be happy to assist you. Feel free to contact us in writing by e-mail at info@diosna.de or by telephone. We look forward to hearing from you soon!